Teignmouth Folk Concerts                          -
14th April                                                                          £12/£13


Our final concert with special guest Tom Lewis bringing his excellent self written sea songs. One of the leading sea song writers in Britain and a lively engaging performer.
CARAIDEAN are a group of friends who have been associated with the concerts from the beginning and include the amazing Robin Brown,
Sandy MacKinnon, Roxie Llewelyn-Porter and others from CELT, Martyn Hilsted, Hugh Diamond, Julia Howe, Pippa West and others.
The Back Beach Boyz, Teignmouth's local and lively Shanty Crew.

The aim is that it will develop into a party with everyone joining in with each other. Will be a hell of a hoot!!!

The Allice Cross Centre, 1-3 Bitton Park Road, Teignmouth, TQ14 9BT.
Info: Hugh 01626 775517

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